Best of Greg J Kerkow 1993 - 2020 CD

12 song CD with my best tracks. Recorded from the wav master files on to beautiful new color custom printed cds with cases, album cover insert, and track list. Shipping to continental USA only.

FREE BONUS TRACK: mp3 of my new 2021 single "Nevermore".

Year:      Song:                                                            Indie Hot 40 

2019      Smartphone World                                     #10

2019      Rockin Like Yesterday                               #31

2020      Outer Limits                                                 #01

2020      Is She Lonely Tonight (2020 Remix)       #10

2020      Live Free                                                       #02

2021      Nevermore                                                    #01

Is She Lonely Tonight (1993): peaked at #16 on the International Country Music Chart. Promoted by the legendary Charlie Ray! Winner of the 1999 International Star Award for Songwriting.

(Best written song by an unsigned artist)

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